N take up to-3 months for the ablation scars around the pulmonary veins to totally heal and for us to know if the procedure is successful. cheap viagra online pro If your atrial fibrillation recurs, don’t be alarmed; it is part of the process for healing after the ablation. If it is persistent, that is 24 hours in duration without significant symptoms, you should call us. generic viagra india If you are uncomfortable with serious symptoms, call us immediately. buy cheap generic viagra online Another similar arrhythmia, called an atrial tachycardia, may develop after your ablation. Generally, you may be aware of a fast heartbeat, but because it is regular, it will feel different from your atrial fibrillation. They usually resolve spontaneously but occasionally need to be treated with medications or in rare circumstances, another ablation procedure. You will probably go home on an antiarrhythmic medication to allow the healing process to take place while maintaining regular sinus rhythm. Depending on your post procedure course, you may be on this medication for 3 months. Some patients retain a little fluid for several days after the procedure and we may prescribe a diuretic for 3 days. Other medications to prevent any emboli from developing after the procedure you will be placed on warfarin (coumadin) for two to three months. It takes 3-4 days for the effects of warfarin to be therapeutic. If you were not on warfarin (coumadin) before the procedure we will bridge the therapeutic gap with a fast acting anticoagulant called lovenox. cheap viagra This involves giving yourself a small injection twice a day for up to 5 days after the procedure. viagraonlinersj.com You will be fully instructed on how to do this prior to discharge by the nurse practitioner. It is always important to have your blood work checked after the procedure, as instructed at discharge, for us to properly instruct you on how much warfarin (coumadin) to take. cheap viagra overnight delivery You will be asked to come to the office in about 2 weeks after the procedure so we can see how you are doing. You will have an ecg done at that time and you will be asked if you have had any symptoms, specifically how often and for how long. Two weeks later, we will want to obtain a 24-hour holter monitor recording of you rhythm. generico viagra funciona mesmo You will be seen again in our office two weeks after that as we monitor how you are doing. buy viagra If you have any questions in the post procedure period you can always contact us. Our emergency number, 24 hours a day is 212-263-5656. The nyu heart rhythm cent. side effects young men using viagra Get Adobe Flash player